Ubuntu – Can one get a mouse for the console


Although I mostly have no use for a mouse in the console, and I go there to get away from the GUI, I would like to know if there is some sort of mouse that one can get in there? So is there like any software which will give me a mouse in there so that I can select text etc? I am running Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 with GNOME 3.18.

Best Answer

  • GPM is just the application you are looking for! It stands for "General Purpose Mouse":

     This package provides a daemon that captures mouse events when the system
     console is active, and delivers events to applications through a library.
     By default, the daemon provides a 'selection' mode, so that
     cut-and-paste with the mouse works on the console just as it does
     under X.

    And can be installed by running:

    sudo apt-get install gpm


    General Purpose Mouse in action

    FYI: I have put a red box around the mouse just to make it obvious where and what it is. I have also selected some text above just to show that this can be done.