Ubuntu – Can we put files other than bootable files in a bootable flash Drive


I want to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu. I have a 128GB pendrive and I have uploaded the .iso file of Ubuntu using Rufus. My pendrive has a whole lot of extra space left. Can I put some other files (like some .py files and some pdfs)in the bootable drive (for accessing it later in Ubuntu)and still be able to Dual boot safely ?

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Bootable USB Tool Data Files Storage

Data storage space depends on the Bootable USB tool used.

Mkusb will create a NTFS partition that can be used by Linux and Windows for Data storage. The partition can be reformatted as FAT32 using GParted so Apple can also use it.

Rufus and UNetbootin put their files on a FAT32 partition that can be used by Linux Windows and Apple for data. Putting data in it's own folder is recommended so it doesn't get mixed up with system files. When the USB is booted the data can be found in the cdrom folder. Data in the casper-rw/writable persistence partition/file is not accessible to Windows or Apple.

Etcher, Startup Disk Creator, dd, Disks, etc, drives can be easily modified so that unused space can be used for data, In Terminal run: sudo mkfs.ntfs -f -L data /dev/sdx3The drive must be booted at least once before making this conversion. For details see: Add NTFS Data Partition to Startup Disk Creator USB Install

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