Ubuntu – Can you install Ubuntu directly to a HDD


I was wondering since I am having problems with my computer's CD-ROM drive and Live-CD's, is it possible to install Ubuntu directly to the hard drive? For example, wipe the whole hard drive and burn the Ubuntu Install ISO to it, let the computer boot from the hard drive into the install interface, and then install Ubuntu on the same hard drive. Its far fetched- but is it possible? Thanks.

Best Answer

  • I am not quite sure what is your problem. Can you boot using a live CD at all? If yes, you will discover you have the option to install Ubuntu on your hard disk from the live CD. If you have problems with the live CD and assuming your computer is new enough to boot from a USB stick, you can "burn" the CD image on a USB stick using a program like http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/

    In general, if you decide that Ubuntu is your OS choice, you should install it on the HDD. It will run much faster, not to mention that you will have much more freedom.