Ubuntu – Cannot install Lubuntu 12.10 on an extended partition


This is about an older computer (Toshiba Satellite M70 that a friend wants to keep afloat) on which (beside Win XP) was installed the Xubuntu 11.10 system that would not work for some reason: now the idea would be to format/repartition the non-windows space and to install Lubuntu 12.10.

But the installation procedure stops indefinitely immediately after setting the internet connection:
enter image description here
after "Continue" it would just lag. Renouncing to use an internet connection has the same results.

This computer does not support USB-boot so I have to use the live cd. Gparted shows the following configuration:
enter image description here

I see that the previous installation was on an extended partition. A very useful answer that I have received here said that a system should not be on an extended partition.

Is this the cause why the installation stops?

(My idea is to use a live GParted cd to format and repartition the space according to the answer above – create two primary partitions and select mount point as / and /home.)

Computer specs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1528395/

Edit/Update: In gparted live environment was able to delete one by one the swap and the ext4 partition and afterwards the extended partition. But the same problem happened, even after trying a different cd with a different iso, Lubuntu 12.04: until in this case I have renounced connecting to the internet – see my answer

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  • I am afraid, the answer you received is, strictly speaking, incorrect. An extended partition is just a container that holds logical partitions. You can't install anything on it, even if you wanted to. Primary and logical partitions are used to install OSs, so, in your case, Lubuntu can be installed either to the primary /dev/sda1 or the logical /dev/sda6, though, obviously, you'll have to let the installer format it.

    PS: Can you post the hardware specs of the machine.

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