Ubuntu – Cannot type “ć” on Hungarian layout


I need help with keyboard layouts. My layout is Hungarian and on Windows I could type ć using AltGr-9 + c which is a c with an acute. However AltGr-9 + Space gives me a single quote (') and AltGr9 + c gives me this ç a c with a cedilla despite there is an acute printed on key 9. I tried the Hungarian and Hungarian (Standard) layouts in system settings as well, but the others I cannot understand (dead keys/comma/dot… what do these mean?). I didn't notice any problems with any other characters. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Best Answer

  • Plain text programs

    In plain text programs such as Gedit or gnome-terminal, do the following:

    Right click your open document or the terminal window >> choose Input Methods from the context menu >> and then choose Simple (instead of the default System (IBus (Intelligent Input Bus))

    AltGr + 9 + c will now work as intended.


    In LibreOffice, the AltGr/Compose key sequences work as intended, but you need to add Shift to get to the 3rd level:

    AltGr (or Compose) + Shift + 9 + c.