Ubuntu – Canon PIXMA MP230 doesn’t work with Ubuntu 20.04


I have a problem with my Canon PIXMA MP230.
The problem is that when I want to print a file, it goes to the print queue, but it does not print, printing appears stopped.
I clarify that I have the drivers installed but it still does not work.


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Best Answer

  • I have had the same problem for a long time after upgrading to Ubuntu (Xubuntu/Ubuntu studio in my case) 20.04: my Pixma mp230 accepted print jobs, proudly announced "rendering complete" (in the log file) and just as proudly refused to print. I have tried to fix it a couple of times, but it failed miserably and was not a great priority these past few months.

    This is the simple solution, which I found on distrowatch.com' s user rating page of Ubuntu 20.04 (the review dated 2020-08-19):

    1. remove ippusbxd (sudo apt remove ippusbxd in terminal)
    2. delete and reinstall the printer using the normal GUI printer utility
    3. Print a test page. Worked for me!

    The proposed theory behind it is that ippusbxd "creates" a "ubuntu"-printer which interferes with the original printer/printer drivers (in the reviewer's case a Brothers printer, in my case a Canon Pixma mp230).

    I am incredibly thankful to the original problemsolver for this simple solution and thought I would pay it forward here, where more people might see it.

    You might also want to read these related questions where more knowledgeable people than me explain how all printers now are "network printers" or something like that. Apparently removing ippusbxd isn't the most elegant solution, but as long as it works I'm happy :-)