Ubuntu – Canon printer driver issue


I have been trying to install the driver for my canon printer but I always get the error shown below. I also tried to convert the package from .rpm to .deb and try it to run it from there, but again it does not work.

sudo bash install.sh
[sudo] password for jorge: 

Canon Inkjet Printer Driver

Version 4.00
Copyright CANON INC. 2001-2013

All Rights Reserved.

An error occurred. A necessary package could not be found in the proper location. 

Can someone let me know where can a get the file -deb??

Best Answer

  • I don't know where to find the Linux drivers for Canon printers. The official Canon site doesn't even have a Linux driver for my printer. Luckily, the Gutenprint driver works well for Canon printers. You can install it as follows:

    sudo apt install printer-driver-gutenprint

    Then, connect your printer via USB to the computer, and go to Settings > Printers.

    Printers dialog

    If you don't see your printer there, add it. If you see the printer, click on the gear icon next to it, and select printer details. On the new window that opens up, select Select from database...

    MP470-series details

    Find your printer model under the Canon drivers.

    Canon drivers list

    Once you save that, your printer should work :)

    I tested this solution both in Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 using a Canon PIXMA MP470 series printer, and I could see an entry for the MG2500 series printer too.

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