Ubuntu – Can’t change display driver on Ubuntu 20.04


I recently installed 20.04 and I'm confused as I found this bug while changing my display drivers. While installing, I got my Nvidia drivers automatically installed, but they were buggy and had some fps drops (less than 19.10, but still uncomfortable) so I decided to choose Nouveau X.org ones. Apparently it worked, I rebooted my laptop and then I see this, please check the screenshot:

Additional Drivers Bug

It says "Using manually installed drivers" and at the end I don't know which one I'm using. Is this a bug? What can I do to clean select X.org Nouveau drivers and not Nvidia ones?
Thanks in advance.

Edit: Added output of command as asked.

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 630 (Mobile)
    DeviceName:  Onboard IGD
    Subsystem: Dell UHD Graphics 630 (Mobile)
    Kernel driver in use: i915
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GP106M [GeForce GTX 1060 Mobile] (rev a1)
    Subsystem: Dell GP106M [GeForce GTX 1060 Mobile]
    Kernel driver in use: nvidia
    Kernel modules: nvidiafb, nouveau, nvidia_drm, nvidia

Also another clarification, I did ubuntu-drivers autoinstall and now everything seems ok, now I'm able to choose again and Nvidia Drivers are in use, but the output of the command is confusing me as it shows 4 kernel modules.

Best Answer

  • According to your terminal output, Nvidia proprietary driver is installed and in use.

    You can remove this driver by running in a terminal:

    sudo apt purge 'nvidia.*'

    But if you installed Nvidia drivers without using apt, e.g. by running a .run file, this won't work.