Ubuntu – Can’t Connect to Mobile Broadband 14.04 LTS


When I plug the modem I have a mobile broadband option in network menu bar, and I add new mobile broadband connection, and everything is fine. but, when I try to connect it, suddenly the Mobile broadband option in network menu bar dissapear . . so I have to unplug it and plug it again in my laptop to display the mobile broadband option. . . I connect it again, and dissapear again. . . how can I connect to my mobile broadband??

I'm using aego modem. under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Operating system

Best Answer

You may try connecting from the command line. First create a new mobile broadband connection. To do so:-

  • Connect your modem. Then select 'New Mobile Broadband connection...' from the panel(aka menu bar) as shown below.

enter image description here

  • Then in the following window press continue.
  • Then select your country.
  • In the subsequent window select your ISP.
  • Then press 'Continue' and then 'Apply'.

Now open the terminal with Ctrl+Alt+t . Then type the following command :-

nmcli connection

An output similar(not exactly) to the one below will be shown :-

NAME                      UUID                                   TYPE              TIMESTAMP-REAL                    
Wired connection 1        ef7249c9-13bf-4d4c-9d5e-14c79371be9e   802-3-ethernet    Monday 21 April 2014 11:23:20 AM IST
BSNL/CellOne New GPRS/3G  a1f89d7a-12d0-4ef8-b76d-cb6e31b11697   gsm               Monday 21 April 2014 03:22:39 PM IST

As you can see the output displays all the connections that you have created. Now in the above case if I have to connect with 'BSNL/CellOne New GPRS/3G' then I will type the following command:-

nmcli connection up uuid a1f89d7a-12d0-4ef8-b76d-cb6e31b11697

As you can see I have typed the UUID of the connection that I want to connect to. So according to your connection you have got to give the UUID in the above command.