Ubuntu – Can’t find the “free space” in the partition table while installing ubuntu


I am trying to install ubuntu with pre-installed Win 8.1, I shrinked the C parition and I have the unallocated parition in disk management .But when I am at the parition table step in installing ubuntu , I can't find the "free space" in the parition.


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Best Answer

You need to convert your dynamic partition to one logical partition. Then do this steps.

  1. Download and Install EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition (my favorite app ;) )
  2. Run EASEUS Partition Master then click Go to main screen option.

  3. Here, select the partition which you want to install Ubuntu. In your case select 31.25GB unallocated partition and right-click on it and select Create Partition. Under the Create as drop-down, select Logical and click OK.

  4. Click the Apply button at the top of EASEUS window (under view menu) then click Yes. This operation needs to restart your computer to completing

  5. Finish

If you continue the Ubuntu installation from (USB/CD) you will see the unallocated space.