Ubuntu – Can’t I install Ubuntu or Wubi on a Windows Dynamic Disk


I've been trying to install 12.04 for a while now, I'm running on Windows 7 and I already made the partition (it's dynamic). I've tried booting from a disc and also the Windows installer. I haven't tried used any repair-boot programs or anything. Every time I tried to load from either, I get an error:

command=C:\windows\sysnative\bcdedit.exe /set {03f9077f-661f-11e1-845a-d08b36406c3d} device partition=U;


stderr=An error has occured setting the element data.
The request isn't supported


Then after that, it makes a log file with information that I don't understand.

If it is simply due to the fact of it being a dynamic partition, someone please help.
If it is more extensive, anyone with details on possible solutions or definite ones please express them.

Best Answer

  • Note: Wubi is Ubuntu installed onto a Windows drive via the Windows installer

    Neither Ubuntu nor Wubi will boot from a dynamic disk

    Neither Ubuntu's bootloader GRUB nor Wubi's bootloader GRUB4DOS can recognize a Microsoft dynamic disk/volume/partition (SFS), and so they cannot boot from it; there is no sense in installing either when you won't be able to boot.

    You have three options:

    • Convert the dynamic disk to basic (backup all data first!), after which you can install Wubi or dual-boot with Ubuntu.
    • Add another hard disk to your system, install Ubuntu on it and set your system to boot from it; you can choose to boot Windows or Ubuntu from the GRUB menu at startup
    • Keep the disk as is, and run Ubuntu in a virtual machine, such as Virtualbox or VMWare Player.
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