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I just installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my system and I can't install anything from the software center. When I click the install button nothing happens at all. No error, just doesn't work. I originally had these issues but the solution listed there worked for me. Installing packages from the command line with apt-get and dpkg works. I also tried following the advice in this thread but to no avail.

Edit: Running from the command line I get no messages when I try and click the install button but get a warning when it's started:

2012-05-06 12:14:04,481 - softwarecenter.ui.gtk3.app - INFO - setting up proxy 'None'
2012-05-06 12:14:04,536 - softwarecenter.db.database - INFO - open() database: path=None use_axi=True use_agent=True
2012-05-06 12:14:04,988 - softwarecenter.backend.reviews - WARNING - Could not get usefulness from server, no username in config file

Edit 2: Seems I slightly stupid and just realized that it's disabled out (guess I'm not used to the Ubuntu GUI yet). Realizing this I googled and found this workaround, but still does anyone know of a solution?

Best Answer

  • Since the install button won't work, instead select the software you want to install by clicking on File on the top menu, and click "Install", and see if it will work.

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