Ubuntu – Can’t install Skype through Software Center 12.04


New install of Ubuntu 12.04.1. Start Ubuntu Software Center. Edit menu > Software Sources > Other > tick the Canonical Partners sources. Click close.

Search for Skype. Skype app is not listed.

Following the suggestion I have reinstalled software center (surely there's a bug if the software center needs reinstalling after adding a source!), but still it does not show.

FYI: At a terminal apt-cache search skype lists skype and skype-bin.

I am comfortable at the command line, but people I am installing Ubuntu for are not. This is a real paper-cut – the first time I show them the software center, it doesn't work and I have to jump to command line.

So the question is: how to get it to show up in an easy-to-do user-friendly way?

PS. Please do not mark this as a duplicate of how do I install skype unless that page is updated to actually answer this question (and presumably this and this).

Best Answer

  • Heres the better solution:

    Download deb file here. Open terminal, cd to directory of downloaded skype and then run sudo dpkg --install --force-all TheSkypeFileName.deb. After installation, do not run skype, run this command instead sudo apt-get install -f, this will install all the dependencies. And your up.