Ubuntu – Can’t resize some icons


I upgraded to 12.10 yesterday and I am having a problem. Icons of my files are shown as the icon image's original size.

I tried to resize the icons but it did not work! But the normal size icons seems to be alright.
Icon Problem

  • Tasks icon is shrunk by me (I can do this).
  • Archive icon is of original size.
  • Deliverables icon is enlarged (I can do this too).
  • Eclipse icon is the problem. The image used for this one is 256x256. The icon is shown as that size. I cannot resize it to be smaller (or larger).

I am not sure if its important, I used Upgrade option from a bootable USB to install 12.10.

Best Answer

  • Try: Right click on the icon and selection "Original Size", then attempt to resize again.

    Otherwise, move aside the dconf/gconf settings directories and restart nautilus (log off) and try again.

    Everything checks out here, resizing both .desktop files and normal files.

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