Ubuntu – Can’t run desktop python applications when switching out the default Python version


I work on Google Appengine which requires Python 2.5. We all know that Python 2.5 is not supported by latest release of Ubuntu. Ubuntu programs such as Software Center and Gwibber are highly dependent on Python 2.7 as I have changed by default version of Python to Python 2.5 (I ve created a symbolic link to /usr/bin/python -> /usr/bin/python2.5).

Every time I get some sort of errors. Which includes- Software Center does not work, Update Manager does not work, unable to update Gwibber (even from command line. It gives me error that default version of python is not 2.7).

However I work on command line so this is not an issue for me but in order to stay updated everytime I need to change symbolic link. Is there any other solution for such problem?

Best Answer

  • If you want to install it manually then install it somewhere in /usr/local/ or /opt and use either the full path to the python binary in your programs or set $PATH so that is has the directory containing your python binary before the other directories and use the usual #!/usr/bin/env python