Ubuntu – Cant run FoxitReader after installing it


I'm trying to install Foxit reader.

I've downloaded the .deb, opened with Ubuntu Software Center (or gdebi, etc) and clicked install.

The progress bar do her job and an icon appears when I search for Foxit on launcher. It is also present in the menu, in Synaptic manager, and is seen by other launcher application like Synapse.

synapse, foxit

But it doesn't start.

It is not present in usr/bin and is not seen by altf2 (run), so it is not properly installed.

If I open again USC, FoxitReader appears as not installed. Restarting the deb file in gdebi it does not seem installed (the note that a version is already installed, and the options of reinstall, remove etc are all absent).


Best Answer

  • I had the same problem and found a solution that worked for me.

    The issue with Foxit reader is that it only does a 'partial' install and misses the main executable file that allows it to run.

    There is a fix for this - after running the install via USC you need to extract the executable that is located in the /usr/bin/ folder from the .deb file you have downloaded using the Archive Manager.

    Extract the Foxit executable to your home folder then run sudo cp FoxitReader /usr/bin in a terminal and Foxit reader should now work as expected.

    Steps to follow with screenshots can be found here