Ubuntu – Can’t set 1280×1024 with Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS


I've just installed 10.04 LTS using the Windows installer. The system hangs during boot; the splash screen is frozen and it accepts neither Ctrl+Alt+F2 nor Ctrl+Alt+Del, only a hard reset. (I'm a linux noob.)

When I edit the default Grub boot option to omit quiet splash, it gets to the point saying

* setting sensors limit                                        [OK]

and there it stays.

I can only get to the desktop using the Grub recovery boot option, of course with a lower resolution (800×600) but everything else seems to work fine.

As I said, this is a new install. The only thing I've done is to use the Update Manager to get everything up to date, and activate the newest Nvidia driver using the "Hardware drivers" window.

I had a similar problem when I installed 9.04 a year ago, and at that time posted this question with an answer that worked – this doesn't work with 10.04. Running nvidia-xconfig to create a new xorg.conf didn't fix it either (while in Recovery boot).

The "Hardware Drivers" window just states NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version current) [Recommended]. I tried Jonathon's tip about uninstalling the driver and removing the conf file, to see if it can reboot in the normal mode but it just came back into recovery mode. /etc/X11/xorg.conf doesn't exist.

I don't know the exact version of the Nvidia driver. The "Hardware Drivers" window just states NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version current) [Recommended]. Also, There is no /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but there is a xorg.conf.failsafe which doesn't say much.
This question mentions nvidia-96. Would that be relevant in my case?

Update 2:
As per Jorge's answer, I've now installed nvidia-glx-185 but afterward nvidia-xconfig doesn't exist (sudo: nvidia-xconfig: command not found). There is still no /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. However, I rebooted anyway and the normal mode (not failsafe) works! Now I got the desktop in 1024×768, which is a huge improvement already. I looked for the xorg.conf after reboot and it still doesn't exist.

Added: Would this be a useful driver? I tried downloading it but instead of a save-as dialog I got a looong page full of php or similar…

Update 3:
I tried Jorge's suggestion of nvidia-glx-185 but didn't manage to get it into 1280×1024. I then tried the version 260.19.29 linked above, but that quickly became very complicated and I ended up somehow breaking my installation (and my Windows boot as well, but I realize it's my own fault). I've now gone away from a Wubi installation and I'm writing this on a brand-new 10.10 installation on a real partition.
So, let's start over: Should I install the nvidia-glx-185 again, and then what?

Best Answer

  • If I understand your question correctly, you have a problem with setting your monitor to its native resolution.

    I have faced similar problems with my monitor.

    Refer to my answer, How to set the monitor to its native resolution which is not listed in the resolutions list?

    You need to modify steps on monitor resolution you want, like step 1 - cvt 1280 1024

    Better try it with some lower resolution first, try till step 6 if everything is ok go to step 6 else simply logout or reboot and your last resolution will be back.