Ubuntu – Can’t set “Alt+Ctrl+T” to launch terminal in xfce4


I followed normal steps to assign Alt+Ctrl+T to open a terminal window. (Menu → Settings ManagerKeyboardApplication Shortcuts → Add and follow steps) but it just doesn't seem to work. I was following this: How to open terminal on Xubuntu and some other sources.

Why isn't it working? How do I make it work?

Best Answer

I'd like to suggest the following steps:

  1. go to 'Start' at the top left corner, and open Settings Manager


    open Terminal and type xfce4-settings-manager

  2. open Keyboard
  3. open Application Shortcuts Tab
  4. click Add button (with greed-icon) below
  5. type xfce4-terminal
  6. trigger the shortcut, which is in this (Ctrl + Alt + T)

Good luck!