Ubuntu – Why can’t Skype hear me


Since I upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10, Skype can't seem to hear me any more. It's not that it transmits poor quality sound, it's just silence. I've tried the echo123 service many times, and there's nothing.

I've checked that my microphone settings are correct: Sound Recorder works fine, and Skype running in a VM [Virtualmachine] sort of works (it can hear me, but the sound stutters – probably a VM issue).

I've checked the Skype audio settings: all options are set to "Pulse Audio", as always, and I've tried with both auto-adjusting enabled and disabled, but no joy.

I've also tried using Alsa-mixer to ensure the microphone is not muted, but all seems well. When a Skype call is connected, the microphone volume appears in the audio menu in Unity, so I presume Skype is doing the right thing, whatever that is.

Skype has always worked for me, for years (since 8.10 maybe?). Any ideas why it might be unhappy now?

Best Answer

  • Solved: I installed pavucontrol (as recommended here) and discovered that Skype was connected to the "Monitor of Internal Audio Analogue Stereo", instead of the "Internal Audio Analogue Stereo" itself.

    The input was easily switched within that tool, and Skype works once more. Now I just hope the change is permanent.