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Yesterday I installed Ubuntu on my Laptop, but there's a problem with Caps Lock. When pressing the Caps Lock button, there is a small delay before it actually toggles. This problem does not show up in Windows 7.

I'm learning Java and Android and the Caps Lock delay problem is really bad. For example:

SYstem.out.println("HEllo UBuntu!!);

Does anyone knows how to fix this? I've seen a lot of people saying "use Shift", but is there any other way to fix this delay?

Best Answer

  • Learn to use Shift instead, that is the common way to enter a capital letter.

    If you want to hit Caps Lock anyway to produce a capital letter, do note that there are reports that the delay is a known issue ((Launchpad Bug #1376903). The Arch Linux wiki describes a method to remove this delay which seems to work.

    For your convenience, this script performs the manual steps documented at that wiki page:

    xkbcomp -xkb "$DISPLAY" - | sed 's#key <CAPS>.*#key <CAPS> {\
        symbols[group1]=[ Caps_Lock, Caps_Lock],\
        actions[group1]=[ LockMods(modifiers=Lock),\
    #' | xkbcomp -w 0 - "$DISPLAY"

    This needs to be started as part of your desktop session (do not use Upstart for example). See this post for a method, do not forget to enable the execute bit of the script.

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