Ubuntu – Capslock works on letters but not on punctuation


I've installed Lubuntu 18.04 on my wife's desktop, and yes, she's that kind of user which types capslock to ponctually type uppercase characters…

Here is the problem : I have a french keyboard (PS/2 Logitech with multimedia buttons). Lubuntu detected it as "french azerty (obsolete)".

  • When I type Shift a, it gives me A
  • When I type Capslock then a, it gives me A
  • When I type Shift ;, it gives me .
  • When I type Capslock then ;, it gives me ;

I tried to change the keyboard to "french azerty (variant)" but no change on the punctuation. The quite good indicator is that the top-left key under escape type either æ or ².

Do other french users had the same problems ?

Best Answer

From How can I remap the caps lock key to be shift

  1. Install gnome-tweak-tool:

    sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool
  2. Start gnome-tweak-tool:

  3. Change the CapsLock behavior from Deactivated to CAPS Lock activate the Shift Lock

    default tweak tool CAPS Lock is SHIFT Lock

You can now type 1234 with CapsLock (but be careful, Shift + Mouse on an application icon open a new window).

UPDATE for 18.04:

  1. Start gnome-tweaks

  2. Go to Keyboard & mouse -> Additional Layout Options (refered as Options supplémentaires d'agencement on my screenshot) -> CapsLock Behavior

enter image description here

  1. Change CapsLock from Desactivated to Use CapsLock as Shift (there are some different options, test and choose which one fits to your use)
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