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I am using Precise pangolin. As far as I know, commands like




are used to browse through folders in the terminal.

But whenever I enter one of this commands, it gives an error saying no such command or filename found. Do I have to perform any additional task before I use commands involving cd?

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  • Common Commands

    View Directories: ls

    The ls (LiSt) lists files in different colors with full formatted text

    Create Directories: mkdir (directory name)

    The mkdir (MaKeDIRectory) command will create a directory.

    Change Directories: cd (/directory/location)

    The cd (ChangeDirectory) command will change from your current directory to any directory you specify.

    Copy Files/Directories: cp (file or directory name) (to directory or filename)

    The cp (CoPy) command will copy any files you specify. The cp -r command will copy any directories you specify.

    Remove Files/Directories: rm (file or directory name)

    The rm (ReMove) command will delete any filename you specify. The rm -r command will remove any directory you specify.

    Rename Files/Directories: mv (file or directory name)

    The mv (MoVe) command will rename/move any file or directory you specify.

    Find Files/Directories: locate (file or directory name)

    to go back to previous directory: cd ..(cd [space] ..)

    just for extra information

    source from http://linux.about.com/od/ubuntu_doc/a/ubudg24t7.htm

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