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I did a small research before making the question,but I couldn't find an answer.My question is how can I change the uuid (universally unique identifier) of a hard drive disk.I am asking this because every time I want to access a hard drive from terminal I have to find these random uuid which the system has generated automatically which are quite long.Also,I want to know the dangers of making this kind of change.

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  • You can change a partition UUID or label, how to do so is dependent on the file system.

    For changing the label see


    For changing the uuid, you can use uudigen and tune2fs

    tune2fs /dev/hdb1 -U `uuid`

    Change "/dev/sdb1" to the device you wish to change the uuid on.

    You almost certainly will need to update /etc/fstab if you change the UUID on a partition that is mounted by fstab, such as / or /home or /swap

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