Ubuntu – Change Mouse Pointer (Size) in Ubuntu 15.04


I need a bigger mouse pointer. The mouse pointer has a good size on the login screen, but after I log in, it's too small (due to high display resolution). The approaches for previous versions of Ubuntu don't work for Ubuntu 15.04, so maybe tell me where the png/bitmap files for the mouse pointer are stored and I'll try whether replacing them with zoomed versions has the desired effect.

What I already tried (probably incomplete, since I tried it several times):

  • Changing the value cursor-size (only one such value, easy to find)
    via dconf. (Doesn't change anything; after reboot the value is 24
    (default), again.) (I first tried simply changing the value, then I
    used the accepted answer to this question.) I heard that it can only take certain values, so I tried 48 because 48 worked for others.

  • Using Unity Tweak Tool (Cursor → Use large cursors)

  • Using the approach presented in this video. Command list of the video:
    sudo apt-get install dconf-tools
    gedit ~/.Xresources
    Xcursor.size: 64
    (Could also use 16, 32, 48, or 64)
    Open DConf-Editor
    Org – Gnome – Desktop – Interface
    Change cursor-size to match earlier size
    Reboot (The cursor size changes for example on the desktop, in Nautilus, in Evolution, but not in Firefox, LibreOffice or the standard terminal.)

Best Answer

I'm on 15.10, but at least this seems to be an approach that you have not yet tried.

GSettings is a GLib implementation of DConf, which stores its data in a binary database.

...says @dobey in this answer

Try this:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface cursor-size 48

It should be persisted after reboot. At least it worked for me with other settings.