Ubuntu – Changing email application in Preferred Applications to GMail


I'm trying to change the Preferred Application for email. I have installed the package desktop-webmail, but there is no new option under System – Preferences – Preferred Application as you would expect, infact, there is only one option there, only Evolution.

According to this post it should be possible to set a custom application, but no option is available.

Is it possible to setup GMail as Preferred email app so that File -> Send by email works in gnome apps?

This seems to be a dup of another post here, Thing is that this works fine in 10.10, but in 11.04 this method no longer work. My post above is meant for 11.04 and the question is still valid.

Best Answer

  • To set GMail as the default for mailto links in Ubuntu 11.10 :

    1. Install gnome-gmail
    2. Edit ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list and add the line below:


    3. Open System Info (use the Dash) and under Default Applications change Mail to Gnome Gmail

    Screenshot of System Info

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