Ubuntu – changing /etc/environment did not affect the environment variables


I'm trying to install Euler expert system following these instructions. To add the environment variable I edited my /etc/environment to become as follows:

 EYE_HOME = "/home/mohammad/Desktop/eye"

But when I use printenv PATH I don't see the new directory added to my path.

What am I doing wrong here?

Best Answer

I don't know the reason why PATH wasn't changed (after relogin), but

EYE_HOME = "/home/mohammad/Desktop/eye"

those spaces prevent EYE_HOME to be set.

It should be noted that /etc/environment is not a script file, but a kind of assignment file that is read by PAM. OTOH such spaces are not allowed in script files like /etc/profile and ~/.profile either.

If you use a script file, you need to export the variables as shown in Avinash Raj's answer.

Please note that while ~/.bashrc works if you start your program from a terminal window, it may not work if you start it from the graphical environment, since it's not sourced by the display manager.

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