Ubuntu – Changing file type icons with Assogiate


I am Ubuntu 10.10 (64 bits) user and I would like know how to make Nautilus display a customized svg icon for all my latex files.

Searching for this information, I discovered that the program Assogiate is capable of to replace the default icon assigned to the latex files by a customized svg icon.
For the other hand it seems that there is a bug related to Assogiate and Nautilus.

1-Could you point me any workaround to solve the problem between Assogiate and Nautilus ?
2-Is there another program that could be use to this end ?


PS: After change the latex file icons using Assogiate it is possible to see the new icon in Thunar.

Best Answer

  • I'm not sure, if this is what you want. I understood you want to change the icon for latex files, right?

    So all you have to do is, to change the icon for latex files in your icon-set. The icon for the application files are stored under /usr/share/icons/... or ~$/icons..

    For example, if you are using Faenza icon set you'll find the icons in


    Just replace the latex icon with your favourite one. Hope, this helps.

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