Ubuntu – Changing the size of the mouse pointer in Ubuntu MATE 18.04 does not work


I have Ubuntu 18.04 with the gnome-desktop and parallel the Ubuntu MATE desktop installed.
While I can easily change the size of the mouse pointer (DMZ-White) in the Gnome3 desktop , this does not work on the MATE desktop.
I use for this the dconf-editor.

Maybe someone knows a solution?

Thanks a lot.

Best Answer

You should open MATE Control Center, navigate to Appearance (or run mate-appearance-properties) then select active theme and click Customize button, go to Pointer tab and then adjust Size slider:

Customize Pointer

The dconf command is the following:

dconf write /org/mate/desktop/peripherals/mouse/cursor-size 96

You can reset the value with:

dconf reset /org/mate/desktop/peripherals/mouse/cursor-size