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I need to check the current version of VLC I have running, however I don't know where it is installed (can't see it in /etc or /bin).

If I do vlc in a terminal then the application starts, but is there a way to do like a pwd vlc command where it shows me the actual path of where the vlc app is being called from?

I want to see if the actual file name contains the software version since I can't find the version within the software itself.

I have a statement asking me to explain why this is different from another post. It is different because this is a 2 part question, where I am trying to understand the install package location (which is the same as the other link), however I also wanted to know how to check the VLC version, hence the title (and why this question is different).

Best Answer

  • Use the command :

    vlc --version

    Most of the programs (i have used) provide their version by the --version option.

    Also you should check the man page of the commands to get details idea about them.

    EDIT :

    There are many ways to check where a binary file is stored, vlc in this case :

    type -a vlc
    command -v vlc
    which vlc
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