Ubuntu – Chrome display glitch when the GPU acceleration is on, AMD Catalyst driver


I have some graphics glitch when enable GPU acceleration in chrome. If I disable acceleration, it fix the glitch ; But in full HD most of flash videos frame rate drop, so very slow. 🙂

Any idea, what can i do?

I Upload 2 pics from glitch.

My hardware: CM Hyper TX 3 on AMD A5300 with HD 7480D 6 GB RAM . I use official AMD driver from amd.com, Ubuntu 14.04 (I upgraded from 12.04, in Ubuntu 12, same glitch with old drivers.)

I reinstalled x.org completely and purge all config files, but this didn't resolve the problem. If i use other drivers, I have some other problem ie.:nor automatic resolution change when connect new monitor, false refresh-rate for displays and etc.


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