Ubuntu – Chrome or chromium window doesn’t appear after opening


I'm new to ubuntu and I'm getting very frustrated so far. I'm trying to get chrome to work properly, as I have a chromecast I would like to use, as well as all the extensions I have on chrome.

I've tried to install it any way possible and tried to install chromium as well. Every time I install it, it shows that it's opened but I cannot see the window. I've tried reinstalling chrome, chromium and ubuntu several times without any luck.

I haven't found a solution online and if I can't find one soon, I'll probably just go back to windows.

I'm running ubuntu 17.04

what I've tried so far?


shows no output but puts an icon in the launcher, but chrome window doesn't appear. same is with chromium

I think it may be a permissions issue. Nothing is being written to .config folder. Checked hidden files and no folders for chrome or chromium. Any ideas on what is causing this?

Best Answer

Let try this.. Go to system setting -> Select display setting Check whether how many displays are enabled. If enabled more than one then turn off the unused display or enable mirror option. This can solve your issue.