Ubuntu – Citrix ICA receiver on Ubuntu 17.10


I had successfully been using Citrix ICA client 13.3 on Ubuntu 16.04 for quite a while. Recently I bought a new laptop and installed Ubuntu 17.10. I installed the latest 13.7 Citrix .deb, updated the SSL certificates etc and tried to login. However, I got some unfamiliar SSL error (4). After checking some forums I decided to try 13.4. I started off with

sudo apt-get remove icaclient

After that I installed the 13.4 deb. However, I got the same error and noticed there were still stray files left from 13.7, so I tried to completely remove them manually, as below

sudo rm -rf /etc/icaclient/
sudo rm -rf /etc/icalicense/
rm -rf ~/.ICAClient/

I then tried to reinstall 13.4 but it would not even load, complaining of missing .ini files (module.ini, regions.ini etc). I tried touching some and the receiver loaded, but of course complained about invalid keyboard mapping etc. I have come to the conclusion there are still some ICA files on my laptop and I need to delete them before proceeding. Can anyone tell me where they are?

After that, any tips fixing SSL error 4 on Ubuntu 17.10?


Best Answer

  • Try icaclient 13.6.

    I had the same error with 13.7 and downgraded to 13.6. I don't have this issue with 13.6 anymore.