Ubuntu – Clean install from Ubuntu 10.04 to LUbuntu 10.10 without losing data


I have the same situation with this one.
Upgrade from Kubuntu 9.10 to Ubuntu 10.04.

But I am planning to install LUbuntu 10.10 via USB on my netbook after the release. I have only one partition (and don't have any plans yet to create another partition). Is it possible to keep the /home folder while installing aside from backing it up to an external drive and do a clean install?

Best Answer

  • It's entirely possible to do just that. Simply run the installer, and when you get to the partitioning options, go for manual partitioning, and mark your single partition as root (/) BUT DO NOT FORMAT IT.

    Proceed from here as normal and the installer will simply overwrite the existing system files, and anything else that isn't a system file (such as the contents of your home directory) will be ignored. I've done it myself, though I was reinstalling my Ubuntu 10.04 installation, rather than moving to a separate distro, but I can't see there being any problem with that.

    Good luck.