Ubuntu – Color picker for entire screen


Is there any application that provides a color picker for the screen?

For example: after starting the application the mouse is transformed into a color picker.
Clicking anywhere on the screen it will detect the pixel color.

Best Answer

Newer alternatives to gcolor2


gcolor2 is good but hasn't been updated in quite a while. There are two more recent alternatives out there, gcolor3 and pychrom.


The first one is a GTK3 port of gcolor2. There are no differences in the features it comes with as far as I can tell:

enter image description here


pychrom on the other hand has a few additional goodies:

  • CMYK and terminal color support
  • systray indicator
  • zoom function

A couple of screenshots of pychrom in action:

enter image description here

enter image description here


The downside to these more recent color pickers is that they aren't available from the official repositories or any other repos for that matter.

gcolor3 you will have to compile manually. Please follow the instructions on the project page to do so.

pychrom is a python application and can be executed without having to be compiled first. The source archive comes with two files, pychrom and pychrom.desktop. To install the application simply copy pychrom to your PATH (e.g. ~/bin or /usr/local/bin) and move the .desktop file either to ~/.local/share/applications (user-bound installation) or /usr/share/applications (system-wide installation).