Ubuntu – Color problem on Kubuntu 16.04 – themes aren’t applied


I'm on Kubuntu 16.04, with kde 5.6.5, and window background color is not applying (always the default white)

Here is a screenshot of Doplhin with the Breeze Dark theme, as you can see, some parts of the window stays to the default color. It happens on other applications too, like System Settings, and with other colors/themes.

Dolphin with breeze dark

I tried upgrading to kde 5.6.5 as someone said on Kubuntu Breeze-Dark not working as expected, nothing changed. I created a new user, as suggested on KDE Plasma 5 upgrade has removed my window decorations, but it didn't work.

Same problem as Kubuntu 16.04 Themes do not apply correctly?

Does anyone know how to fix that?

Best Answer

  • I'm guessing you've installed some other GTK based Desktop Environments (Such as Lubuntu or Xubuntu) in your Kubuntu installation. Though the theme changes, they revert back to the ugly Striped look after a reboot. The solution is installing gtk3-engines-breeze.

    sudo apt-get install gtk3-engines-breeze kde-config-gtk-style

    After installing, Open System Settings -> Application Style -> Gnome Application Style and Change the theme for both Gtk2 and Gtk3 to Breeze Dark.

    If the theme doesn't change immediately after applying:

    If all the theme component doesn't change to Breeze Dark immediately, Go to Settings -> Workspace Theme and select Breeze Theme by clicking it, this will activate the Apply button. Now, change the selection back to Breeze Dark Theme by clicking it and finally Click the Apply Button.