Ubuntu – Comic book creator for Linux


I am using https://www.pixton.com for several years now to create free comic books in Ubuntu. of course that is a website and also uses flash, but I cannot find any piece of software that allows you to create comic books in Linux. I need something similar – to have a built in sent of scenes and characters that you can manipulate to make them original. I doubt there is an app for Linux to do this but is worth asking. Thanks!

EDIT: I have to mention that I know about Krita, GIMP, or Blender, but none offer what Pixton does (pre-built scenes and characters that you can easily manipulate to create original scenes super fast).

Best Answer

  • There are many programs like

    But I suggest you krita.

    Install it with

    sudo apt install krita

    Here I add a useful youtube-demo:

    If you have a character make us of Perspective. This makes it easy to reuse objects,...

    If you want an even more professional tool use blender!

    This program takes a long time to feel comfortable, but the results are amazing!

    There are a lot of good tutorials you can find in the web, e.g. comic style in blender.
    You can make 3d models and export it to krita. With blender you are even able to create cool movies!

    This video explains how to save time by using 3d models blender.

    Install it with

    sudo apt install blender