Ubuntu – Command to run GUI Frontend for apt-get update

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I want know, if there is any command to run apt-get update in GUI like in the picture following:

GUI frontend of apt-get update

All i want to do is to write a script which will update the software sources through this gui manager. So that i can make it more user friendly. I need the command to do this. Please help.

Best Answer

You can't do apt-get update from the command line of the update manager.

To run the command, use


man update-manaer gives:

          Directory that contains the data files

   -c, --check-dist-upgrades
          Check if a new distribution release is available

   -d, --devel-release
          Check if upgrading to the latest devel release is possible

   -p, --proposed
          Upgrade  using  the  latest  proposed  version  of  the  release

          Do not focus on map when starting

          Try to run a dist-upgrade

so you can move over by running

update-manager --dist-upgrade