Ubuntu – Conky (or other apps) on Gnome-screensaver unlock screen


I found this awesome theme for conky to make it look like google now but it really gets in the way on my desktop. I want to put it on my unlock screen just like mint has a clock on the unlock screen. I found this thread but it's old and unanswered. Any ideas?
BTW I'm running saucy

Best Answer

  • I have put the following in /usr/lib/xscreensaver (in debian/CrunchBang) i use the name conkyslide for that file.

    glslideshow -root -pan 0 -fade 3 -zoom 100 -titles -delay 10 &
    killall conky &
    conky -q &

    remember to do "chmod +x" on the file.

    a problem is "killall conky" that kills the desktop conky also

    i am thinking of writing a script that reruns conky now and then to put it back on the desktop but has not yet done that.

    a nother problem is that my conky does become transparent but black backgrounded.

    You can read about a similiar solution and inspiration on: http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=4093

    this puts the conky on the screensaver. But stays for me during onlock.