Ubuntu – ConnMan not detecting already existing wireless network


Old title : Wireless connected, but no internet until I re-add network

Every time I boot my Laptop, it doesn't connect to Internet.

Although upon boot it does say "Connected to ", but when I try to browse any webpage, it doesn't load. So everytime upon boot, I have to go to the Network manager -> remove the wireless network -> then again add the Wireless network, to find that Internet is connected finally.

I also use my Desktop, which with the same settings, does get connected to the Internet without any issues.

Please note that I am connected to the Broadband modem via a Wireless router and the Wireless network SSID is hidden for presumably higher security. Please help to solve this issue.

EDIT 1 : I have now unchecked the Hidden option of the SSID to make it a broadcast SSID. So its's no longer hidden now. But still the problem persists.

EDIT 2 : In search of a solution, I have now started using the indicator-network applet, which has installed connMan. Now the problem is everytime upon boot/reboot, I have to type in the wireless network name and security from the others option and press connect. Then it gets connected.

It would be very helpful, if connman can automatically detect my already added wireless network. Does anyone help me with a suggestion on how this can be done?

Best Answer

  • Its worth trying alternative network managers such as the standard Gnome Network Manager or WiCD - both of which are available in the software centre application.

    Assuming you try WiCD, you will find that there is no application indicator to directly control the application.

    However, you could create a desktop launcher (right click the desktop) and type in the command

    wicd-client -n

    You could then drag that launcher into the main Icon Dock on the left-hand side of the screen.

    Alternatively you could try whitelisting the WiCD application itself so that it could be controlled from its "app indicator" icon in the top-panel as per the AU question and answer:

    n.b. I recommend using the dconf-editor answer not the "all" answer

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