Ubuntu – Copy dialogue freezes at 0 seconds forever when copying to a USB flash drive


Copy dialogue freezes at 0 seconds forever and I end up with a corrupt file for files bigger than 1GB on a Dell Inspiron N4050 laptop (i3 with 4GB of RAM). The copying goes too fast at the beginning than it hangs at the very end like forever.


  • when copying from one directory or partition to another or when copying files smaller than 1GB, the copying goes normally.

  • The issue persists even if I format or change the USB drive.

What's going on and how can I fix it?

enter image description here

Best Answer

So for me it was a simple question of waiting, letting it hang on '0 seconds left' until it eventually finished and changed to 'copied'. Looks like the file manager indicator can get pretty inaccurate and the whole workings were also explained at Gnome, nautilus copy files to USB stops at 100% or near.