Ubuntu – Corrupted file Ubuntu OS download (11.10 & 12.4)


Two time I tried to download Ubuntu 11.10 version and 12.04 version. but both files are corrupted, unable to install. When I install Ubuntu 11.10, after 5 minutes it shows file missing, unable to install. Last night I downloaded Ubuntu 12.04 version but today when I start installing it, it shows UNABLE TO BOOT - PLEASE USE A KERNEL APPROPRIATE FOR YOUR CPU. What should I do?

My PC configration:

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.913 Ghz
500GB HDD Hitachi
NVIDIA chipset

Last time I downloaded Ubuntu 11.04, it was installed properly and worked properly but know I face big problem. Now I fed-up. Please Help me, what should I do?

Best Answer

  • How did you download the files. Is it normal http/ftp or Torrent download. Http and ftp downloads are too much prone to file corruption. I would suggest you to download the files using Torrent protocol, which has in-build feature to check the correctness of the download. If you have downloaded the file using Torrent then also check the ISO MD5 checksum with the Ubuntu website MD5 checksum. If both are same then there is no problem with the ISO file.

    Secondly, are you using a CD or Pendrive to install the Ubuntu? In case of CD, I have seen such issues if the CD has scratched. Try the pendrive install.