Ubuntu – Create bootable usb with partitioned usb


I have sandisk 32 GB USB partitioned in two partitions. Both are FAT32 format and first is 20 GB and second partition is of 10 GB.

I use 1st partition for file storage as it is detected in windows and 2nd partition is not detected (don't event want to) which I want to create bootable persistent Ubuntu.

While using Startup disk creator in Ubuntu 16.04, it only shows whole USB as a single and there is no option to select from two partitions.
Startup Disk Creator

How could I use 2nd partition to create bootable using Startup Disk Creator.

Best Answer

There is a tool that can create a persistent live drive and make partitions automatically, mkusb. The first partition 'usbdata' has an NTFS file system, and the intention is to use it for file sharing with Windows computers.

The following links helps you install and use mkusb for this purpose,



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