Ubuntu – Create unity shortcuts to WINE applications 12.04


I have just gone through the process of getting ubuntu onto my main PC, no issues, was absolutely brilliant how its done it and loved that I could read the web while installing too,

I have WINE installed and world of warcraft works fine having copied the installation over from the existing windows partition that I have in place, the only trouble I am having now is creating a meaningful shortcut for the application to launch it direct, rather than browsing the directory and double clicking launcher to start it off.

I have followed every angle possible on here and google search so far and it seems to have not worked, I want to know is this possible and should I just go with a new download and installation to my home directory rather than just copying the files over to the new /home directory and running them through there or am I missing something easy here ?

Best Answer

  • You can use alacarte to solve this problem:
    Open a terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T and type:

    sudo apt-get install alacarte  
    • Start alacarte.
    • Go to wine - programs - ... (where your wine program is located).
    • Move the program icon to another folder (outside of wine; e.g., office).
    • Close alacarte.
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