Ubuntu – creating a folder named “.mediaartlocal” in all the music folders


I was looking through my music collection while hidden files were shown, and I noticed that almost every directory/album has a folder in it named mediaartlocal, which contains a jpg file with an album cover thumbnail, having a name such as:


about 40K size.

It might be from Google's play music app, to perhaps locally cache the album covers, mainly because it's the only app I can think of that might want to do this kind of thing. But before I delete them all, I'd like to know where they come from.

Best Answer

  • I think these files were created using the Gnome Media Art Storage Spec.

    Applications like Banshee use this protocol to store cover art/thumbnails for music and other media files. I don't know if Google Music uses this or not, but its a good possibility.

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