Ubuntu – ctrl + a doesn’t work in browsers


The combination for select all (Ctrl+A) doesn't work in a browser (either if we speak about firefox or chromium). It doesn't work if I try to clik in to the adress bar nor if I try to use it to select what I've written in google search bar at google.com. When I press Ctrl+A it simply takes the cursor before the first letter.
This doesn't happen when I use a text editor software like Libre Office. There the shortcut does what's supposed to do, selecting all the text.

What could be the problem?

Best Answer

  • Had the same problem in 12.10 and it was driving me mad. The problem seemed to be caused by using the Emacs key binding theme as described in the links given by others, except that according to GConf I was still using the default.

    I realized that this is now set in dconf Editor irrespective of the settings in GConf.

    To change this open dconf Editor and navigate to:
    org > gnome > desktop > interface >gtk-key-theme.
    If the setting there is Emacs change it to Default.

    Or on a terminal:

    gsettings reset org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-key-theme

    Problem solved. For me at least.