Ubuntu – Ctrl+Shift working but not Shift+Ctrl in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


This sounds weird but I have been experiencing this for a while by now. Ctrl + Shift + [whatever] is working but the same command as Shift + Ctrl + [the-same-thing] is not working.

This is not an issue in Windows 10. It was not an issue in Ubuntu 20.04 (dev branch). Is there a fix?

Best Answer

  • You might have Locate Pointer setting turned on in Universal Access under Pointing & Clicking section. Turn it off to see if it works.

    I had the same issue and was confused for some time. Searching online and found your question. Only until then I realized what may have caused it. There must be a bug in that Locate Pointer functionality which hijacked the Ctrl key event in some way.

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