Ubuntu – Custom install of PHP


I have always used the code below to install my PHP environment:

sudo apt-get install -qqy php5 sqlite php5-gd php5-sqlite libapache2-mod-php5 libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql php5-intl php5-curl

However I can no longer do this as the latest version of PHP in Ubuntu 13.04 is PHP 5.4.9. This version has the known bug #63379 that basically destroys the logout handler from the Symfony Security Component.

I know I've got two options: install via adding a custom PPA (this post has all the details on that: How do I install different (upgrade or downgrade) PHP version in still supported Ubuntu release?) or via script.

Seeing as this is needed for a server that my company uses I simply won't be prepared to add these private PPAs due to security risks. But rather I would like to create a script to install any version of PHP and the above packages (sqlite, curl, etc) I normally install in one easy step via apt-get install.

Does anybody have a custom script that covers all the above mentioned packages? Also is there anything else I should watch out for via the script method for installing PHP?

Best Answer

In terms of trust, I'd struggle to find a PPA I trusted more than Ondřej Surý's PHP PPA. He's on a lot of official packaging teams. If he wanted to sneak something onto your system, he wouldn't need to resort to a PPA to do it.

I'd be more concerned with the underlying stability of PHP but if you're building from source, you're likely going to hit those problems by yourself.

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