Ubuntu – Deciding Partitions and Sizes on Ubuntu 11.10 (dual-boot Windows 7)


I need some advice for a dual boot configuration Windows 7 – Linux Ubuntu 11.10
Specifications: 2.7 GHz AMD Athlon 7750, 3 GB RAM, 1000 GB HDD: 100 Gb allocated to Windows 7 (I use large number of programs) – already used two primary partitions (100 GB and 100 MB Windows – partition made ​​by him) of a maximum of 4 primary partitions on HDD

Linux ?

I want to make separate partitions:
/ – I think it should be primary, 5 GB enough?
swap – primary or logical ? 1GB enough ? (the system has 3 GB)
boot – 300 MB ? Primary – logical? (however there are only four primary partitions of which 2 are taken from Windows)
usr – install programs, considering the large number of programs use on windwos, 40 GB enough for linux ? (space is 1000 GB HDD)
tmp – size ? I know it's for temporary files
var – size ? I think it is similar to tmp but for: FTP, sites, server
home – use a lot of multimedia files, 150 – GB is enough ?
win / linux shared data – this partition I want for storage data between Windows and Linux, I think the solution is NTFS because FAT32 not support files larger than 4 GB and most movies are DVD (4.7 GB)

Help me for deciding correct partition and sizes. If you believe that more partitions(dev, lib, srv …. ) are needed let me know.

Thank you !

PS: format file for linux best is ext 4 or ext 3 ?

Best Answer

  • OK first of all use ext4 filesystem


    1. '/' 5GB perfect (could be increased to 10GB if a number of different softwares need to be installed)

    2. swap partition do it as follows it should be between 25% to 50% of your RAM size.

    3. /tmp and /var don't make any partitions let them be integrated within / (or as you wish)

    4. /home must be a separate partition as this will be handy in case of system upgrade (again size depends on you)

    5. Shared drive as you wish (NTFS is the best option)