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I have been using windows for a long time. And now I have moved on to ubuntu (13.04). I am just 2 to 3 weeks old for ubuntu. I don't understand about the directories like /var , /home, /media etc. . . Can somebody relate all the ubuntu directories to windows directories. That might be so easy for a beginner like me to understand. To be more precise, I don't even know which directory behaves like C: and which one behaves like D: or E: or others. I don't know where to save which kind of docs.

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    This picture is worth 1,000 words. The "problem" is that there is no standard used by all distros, and thus each distro makes (minor) variations. For example, while Debian and Ubuntu use /usr/local , other distros use /opt (for installation of packages compiled from source or outside the package management system [apt on ubuntu] ).

    BUT - that is the old standard. The new standard is in beta, see



    Some of the highlights:

    The source is now valid DocBook XML, with the appropriate tool changes.

    New directories, including /run and /sys.

    Removal of older compatibility directories, such as /usr/X11R6.

    Many typos fixed, and clarifications made to ambiguous sections.

    Various distros are in various stages in implementing the new standard.

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