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I was installing ubuntu 12.04 on my system. There were 4 partitions on my system and I selected one of the four partition for the installation and chose the option of resizing the partition. Initially my partition was of size 100+GB and i created another partition out of it of size 15GB (EXT4). Now the moment I changed this partition structure my original partition got lost along with its data and I am left with 50GB partition and 50GB unallocated free space.

Now the data that I have lost is meant a lot to me and I want to recover that data. So is there any way I can recover it? And I haven't checked "format" option while resizing the partition.

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  • Warning: If you follow these instructions you must install testdisk on a different Ubuntu system than the one you're trying to recover (for example, you could install it in a live environment, or you could put the hard disk into another computer that has Ubuntu on it). If you install anything on a disk from which you wish to recover data, or save anything to it, it becomes far harder to recover anything because more data are overwritten.

    You can try testdisk to recover it. I hope you can recover it, because you didn't formatted the space it. Only the partition table is changed.

    Install it via Software center testdisk Install testdisk

    or by using sudo apt-get install testdisk command in the terminal.

    Then run it with sudo command, i.e sudo testdisk. Please Don't forget to read the manual of it. manpage for the testdisk command Manpage icon

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